“C’mon, really Dean?”

Okay, so, this whole “The Dean” thing – it all sounds a bit ostentatious, doesn’t it? Please disregard that thought in your head, if you’ve had it, because I designed “The Dean’s List” solely as a catch phrase, and totally for the fun of it all. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a bit of an instigator when it comes to having fun! I truly hope that you’ll have a chuckle or two, while visiting my website; as well as learning a bit about how I can represent you, as a Buyer – or a Seller – of Real Estate! Now, on to the real-life Dean:

Weaned Dean

As a youngster, I grew up in the mining town of Levack, an ideal outdoor playground for an energetic, hockey-playing, tree-climbing, young boy to grow up in. The densely forested hills of the area were thoroughly explored during my grade-school days, and it was at the ripe old age of five, that my love for hockey began here. Thank you for that, Levack!

Tween Dean

The early 70’s saw our family move into the ultra-suburban metropolis of…Minnow Lake! It was here that I learned, among many things “Laker-ish”, how to keep my feet warm in skates while playing playground hockey in -25C weather, as well as the delicate intricacies of how to correctly toilet paper a house. I believe that specific skill set continues to be generationally handed down from ‘Laker to ‘Laker, to this very day!

Teen Dean

High school was attended at the brand-spanking-new Nickel District Secondary School. I believe it was the province’s first educational building, whose architectural style happened to closely resemble that of an alien space ship. It was there, in that “ship” of fools, as it were, that I had my first taste of real estate, albeit a quick one. My Grade 13 math teacher, Mr. Ed Budzak, suggested to me, as a 17 year-old, “I think you should get into real estate, Dean”. I thought to myself, “Huh? Really? Are you kidding me?” Hey, I was still having the dreams of a young man of the Seventies back then, never mind the pressures of real estate sales, thank you very much! But still, I took it as a compliment. For those of you older ‘NickDick’ students who knew Mr. Budzak, you can stop laughing now, for that story is 100% true. So here I am now, 40-odd years later, finally heeding the man’s wise words. Although Mr. Budzak’s aspirations for his star math pupil were a tad late in their prophecy-fulfillment, it’s better late than never I guess, right?

Dean’s Overseen

In between that timewise-wide chasm of then and now, I’ve experienced the 80’s oil boom while living in Calgary, the blessing of my 3 spectacular kids, getting totally hooked on golf, and 13 years of working in the grocery retail business. Upon moving back to Sudbury in 1993, my addiction to golf propelled me into building and operating The Practice Tee Driving Range for over 20 years now. My fondness for fun and games also spawned a specialty toy store, the now-defunct Top Notch Toys, which served Sudbury for 10 years.

Dean’s Genes

My 3 adult children – Devon, Jordan, and Julia – are my lifelines. My pride in them and their accomplishments cannot be surpassed. My parents are certainly the ones to “blame” for my easy-going demeanour and sense of humour, as well as my work ethic. My father, Reg Aelick, hailed from Manitoulin Island, and my mother Dorothy Deschamps (nee Roy), grew up in Northern Quebec’s small town of Cadillac.

Dean’s Frisbees®

Disc Golf
In the “Giving Back To The Community” category, my introduction to, and subsequent passion for disc sports threw me (pun intended) into designing and building the Lions Club of Sudbury Disc Golf Course. As the President of the Sudbury Disc Golf Club, my present-day efforts in running leagues and tournaments for the city’s disc golfers are, for me, a true labour of love. If you throw plastic, let’s talk discs!

As an original board member of the Sudbury Ultimate Club, we helped propel the then-fledgling club, into what is now a well-run sports group. Having helped run the league in the past, as well as co-directed the club’s winter tournament called Snowplate, my Ultimate duties are now scaled back to captaining and playing only. If you throw plastic, let’s talk discs!

Dean’s Sheen

Through all of this interaction with the citizens of Sudbury, and serving the community-at-large for over twenty years, great friendships have blossomed, and long-term commitments have been solidified. Through it all, a client’s smiling face is something I’ll never get tired of seeing, for it shows me that I’ve reached my business goals of excellent customer service, and personal goals of rewarding relationships.

Dean’s Keen

Let’s face it, there are many Realtors® in the area, and I thank you for considering me to be the one working for you. It will be my privilege to represent you as a Home Buyer or Seller, and you can count on me to serve you in a professional and efficient manner – before, during, and after your real estate purchase or sale.  Here are a few satisfied clients: Dean’s Beaming