Seller Team

Welcome to the Dean Team! Quite simply, the team consists of me, the Realtor® and you, the Seller. We’ll sit at your kitchen table and create the best real estate team this city’s ever known! Let’s face it, you know what you know about your house, and I know what I know about it. Together, we can sell it in the most professional manner possible. The bulk of your time commitment to the team will be upon our first meeting, when you’ll simply answer a few questions for me about your home. Let’s be honest, you’ve already done most of your work! You’ve lived in your house for years, and made friends with the neighbours, at the end of your quiet cul-de-sac. You’ve raised 4 kids, who went to the local school, around the block, near the park, where the playground is located. You renovated the kitchen 5 years ago, installed that deck and fence when you moved in, and recently re-shingled the roof. Pride of ownership in your property is quite evident. So yes, you’ve done your part. Good work! Now it’s time for me to roll up my sleeves, and do my part for the team. Through all means and methods available in this technological world of ours, your home will be visible not only to all Buyers in Sudbury, but right across the country. You can be assured that the team will approve your home’s listing and its photos, beforehand. I’m picky that way. You should be also, teammate! Professionalism is the key word here, and other words that you can expect from me are Transparency, Integrity, and Clarity.
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Buyer Team

With you as the Buyer, I’ll act as the Coach to your position of General Manager of our Buying Team. I’ll analyze your requirements, where you’d like to live, what your future dreams (and realities) are, what your finances will allow, and, most importantly, does it have your one “special request” of a: School Nearby, 8-person Hot-tub, 2-Car Garage, 14-Appliance Kitchen, Zen Garden, View of the Lake, or a Patio-With-A-Pergola. Finally, after those parameters have been realized, and our viewing appointments have been finalized, we are off! To view the homes that meet your criteria, that is!

Spending an hour, a half-day, or an 8 hour-long marathon, gallivanting through Sudbury’s real estate inventory, can be exhilarating, exasperating, and, in the case of the aforementioned marathon, exhausting! But then…(trumpets blare: “Da-da-da-daaaaaah!”)….there it is!……that shiny one!….that “special one”, that property you just have to have! It’s a good thing you’ve already spoken to a mortgage professional, for your pre-approved loan, because if you’re ready to make an offer, the Team is fully behind you. Making an offer on a house is super exciting! And nerve-racking! And suspenseful! And then, in the eleventh hour, after nail-biting anticipation, the deal falls through. What? Yes, the real world happens sometimes. But it’s a very small percentage of times like these, that make the exclamation: “We got the house! We GOT the house! We gawwwwwwwt the freakin’ HOUSE!!!!” — feel so awesome! Other times, it’s smooth sailing to that celebration of buying your new home. Finally, there are other times, when the coach has to huddle the team up for a strategy session, to make some hard decisions on what the next move will be. What I’m getting at is, every real estate transaction is different from the other. Through it all, seeing my Millennial clients move into their first home is as equally rewarding to me as finding my Baby Boomer clients their “downsizer”. Professionalism is key, and the ultimate service to be performed here is getting you into the home of your dreams. You can count on me in that respect, as I guide you through the buying process one step at a time.
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Dean’s Keen

Let’s face it, there are many Realtors® in the area, and I thank you for considering me to be the one working for you. It will be my privilege to represent you as a Home Buyer or Seller, and you can count on me to serve you in a professional and efficient manner – before, during, and after your real estate purchase or sale.
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