Yes, we all have our pet peeves don’t we?
Here are my two, when it comes to Real Estate listings:

Photo “Skills”, or “Lack Thereof”.

We’ve all seen both “types” of these in real estate listings, haven’t we? Which one would you prefer to have showcasing your new-to-the-market real estate product? Just as people are more apt to choose a nice shiny apple, compared to one with bruises all over it, a blurry photo of your house may not even get clicked on. I guarantee that you’ll be able to approve each photo of your home before any prospective Buyer sees it.

Communication Skills.

Some people have them, some people ‘ave ‘em, and sum peeple half then. See what I mean? Typos and incorrect grammar are simple human errors, but not proofreading your written word is, to me, unprofessional. Yet still, even then, it’s really just us “being human”, right? Nobody’s perfect, I understand that. You can count on me to be utterly succinct in my communications to you, as well as with others we’ll be dealing with.

$10 Reward!

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